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Welcome to our team! Alliance is one of the most accomplished teams in Jiu jitsu with more than 300 affiliates worldwide, the only 13x male, 10x female and 4x juvenile world champion team. We believe that BJJ can have a very positive impact in people’s lives not only by learning how do defend yourself but bringing a healthy lifestyle and values, such as: discipline, determination, resilience, respect and many others. Alliance is an academy for everyone regardless of age or previous knowledge of jiu-jitsu. Come be part of this family too!. You will have fun, make friends, exercise and learn a new skill. Get in touch and book your FREE intro private class!


Little Eagles

(Ages 4 - 9)

This class is specifically designed for the little ones. Jiu Jitsu has a strong set of core values that will be beneficial for a lifetime. They will have fun and learn from very early on the two most important values that come with the practice of martial arts: Discipline and Respect.

Flying Eagles

(Ages 10+)

When they are not as little anymore... At these ages, children crave structure, yet they want to also enjoy and have fun. This makes Jiu-Jitsu the perfect fit for children to learn many important life skills in a playful way.

After your free intro private class you can attend to our beginners Jiu Jitsu combines many elements from self-defence, serving as a bridge to understand jiu jitsu as a whole. This class is perfect for those who are starting.


All Levels

All levels says it all! This class is for everyone, every belt, age or level, we will cover from intermediate to advanced techniques within our methodology and have a 30 min sparring after class so you can test your skills in a safe and friendly environment.


Alliance team has many champions around the world, if you like to push yourself to the next level, this class will be for you. We have competition training in a safe environment to get our team ready for local and international competitions. 




You can find us in Balgowlah
Northern Beaches

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